Get your citroen ready for winter

Officially, Winter doesn't start until December 21st but a rule of thumb that we have used for years is that cars should have their antifreeze checked or changed by November 1st every year. That way, you never get caught out by early frosts.

Wiper blades, screen washer systems, lights and tyres are all areas deserving scutiny before winter but if your battery is more than a few years old and you have noticed that perhaps it doesn't spin the engine over as energetically as it used to, now is the time to get it checked. Winter driving puts a lot of strain on batteries because much more time will be spent with the heater blower, heated screen and lights on.


We don't offer a specific 'winter service': our maintenance regime is designed to cope with all weathers and all seasons. Heating systems on both water cooled Citroens and air-cooled VWs is an area we have years of experience with but every Winter, the workshop is choked with cars with no or poor cabin heat! Whereas we do road test vehicles brought in for service to expose faults that may escape detection during static inspection, these are not long enough to check the heating situation. We can check tyres, batteries, exhausts, lights, wipers and charging systems but we would ask customers not to leave heating problems until the workshop starts to look like Ice Station Zebra!