check your car & van tyres now

Better still, get us to check them for you! Tyres are not cheap, so it makes sense to get the most life out of them but many of the tyres we change could have lasted longer if they had been run at the correct pressure. Worse still, tyres not inflated to the correct pressure will tend to cause increased fuel consumption too. Remember that the workshop also has laser tracking facilities (4 wheel alignment check) and that we can source new and remould tyres, tyres for classic cars, snow tyres, budget tyres and any performance or premium tyre made - all at competitive prices.


Check your caravan & trailer tyres too

Every year, motorists hitch up caravans and trailers that have not -in many cases- moved for months. This can prove to be a mistake, for tyres in poor condition can break up, causing the vehicle towing them to lose control. Our advice is check the condition of the tyres carefully, looking for cracks, splits and obvious flaws like worn side walls or foreign bodies (like nails etc) embedded in the tread. Most of all, check that the pressure is correct.

REMEMBER! We supply and fit tyres for cars, vans, 4x4s plus caravans & trailers

While you are on...

It may seem obvious but... do check that your car or van has a working jack and wheel brace on board and that you know where the key is, if the vehicle has locking wheel nuts or bolts. In our experience, these simple checks can save hours of grief and possibly the cost of an unnecessary recovery.

Do consider buying a luminous vest or coat and keep it in your vehicle because it will help keep you visible if you are stuck at the roadside with a puncture. Since last year, these are actually now MANDATORY for the driver AND passengers if you are motoring in many countries within the EEC.