Just some of the service we offer are listed below in the accordion panel, which is a Spry widget that you may not have encountered before within a web site. In effect, it is a neat way to present information without forcing surfers to scroll a lot. Click a tab to select information relevant to the service you are interested in.


Breakdown recovery
Should you be unlucky enough to break down in the area, we can usually send the service van or the recovery truck. We will try to get you going again but it is our policy to recover vehicles that cannot be repaired within 10 minutes of arrival back to the workshop.
Clutch fitting
Some jobs are easier than others (the engine or subframe may need to be removed). We can provide quotations for Citroen models quite readily but we can give you an estimate for vehicles we are not familiar with. Please note that certain models may require new dual mass flywheels or hydraulic cylinders as part of the job.
Routine servicing
Routine servicing for Citroen, Peugeot and many VW models is easy because we carry most service parts in stock. Other makes can be serviced or repaired but we may have to order parts in. To keep reliability up & running costs down, we recommend a service every 6 months. Top tip: if your car has a toothed camshaft drive belt (aka timing belt or cam belt) you need to establish when or if it was last changed because if it snaps, the repair cost is typically TEN times the cost of replacement. Ask our advice on this, if in doubt.
Suspension service & repair
Is the suspension on your BX/Xantia/XM showing its age by taking ages to rise up in the morning or perhaps the ride has become harsh? Pipes, returns and spheres renewed. Ask for an estimate. Please note: we also service conventional suspensions too!
Tyre & exhaust shop
We stock a wide range of budget and premium tyres for Citroen models but can usually source tyres for other makes within one working day. Puncture repairs & balancing service. We also offer wheel alignment but this MUST be booked in advance.
Speed shop

Tuning, race preparation and development
If you crave bigger wheels, stiffer suspension, grippier tyres or a bodykit for your Citroen - ASK! We also offer a lowering service for Saxo models.

For VWs...
Dellorto & Weber Twin carb setups sorted out, coil over suspension conversions supplied (Lupo/Polo/Golf etc) & fitted. Big block engines fitted.