Any number of serious repairs have been carried out on all manner of Citroens and VWs. It's in the blood - Les built his own big-arched RS 2000 Escort in the early 80s and Gary knows a thing or two about adapting car engines for marine use, so it is hardly surprising that the next generation is equally inventive.

Paul's VW Lupo

He claimed it was't 'really him' and threw 75% of it away one day. Little escaped the axe, apart from the silver metallic colour scheme but a black roof with subtle changes to the overall appearance was added. This car was converted from petrol to 1.4 turbo-diesel.

Paul's radical Lupo conversion

This conversion entailed swapping all the power train, brakes, subframe and fuel tank, to say nothing of the wiring loom. The suspension has been stiffened & lowered (coil over conversion). New alloy wheels and tyres complete the look. In case you are in any doubt... deffo 'not stock'. Status: on the road

VW Beetle - race car #3:

First, find an unsuspecting 1200cc 6 volt in pretty solid order, throw all the running gear away, take the body off the chassis, grit blast the chassis, fit new floors, powder coat the chassis and embark on a rotisserie style body resto.

Grit blasted & owder coated chassis with new floor pans

While you're on... source a 2109cc big block lump, chuck on some fuel injection, and a turbo charger, convert to 12v electrics, fit a beefed up transmission, stiff suspension, uprated brakes with aeroquip braided brake lines and about 500hrs later, it is coming together. Did I mention that the front axle has been narrowed too? Status: on-going/ready SOON

VW Karmann Ghia coupe race car (1962)

Gary's pride and joy, restored from neglected but solid 'as imported' condition and treated to a decent repaint in period colours. But be not deceived - the stock 1100cc engine has given way to something a little more potent...

Gary Fraser II campaigned this Karmann Ghia very successfully last year

Campaigned very successfully last year at York Raceway. This is a road-legal car adapted for track use (er, that'll be without the 1100cc engine, sir?)

A potent big block engine with monstrous turbo-charger